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     Make no $mall plans     Montreal, Canada 2008

Griffintown is a historical, but neglected district next to downtown Montreal.

After 40 years of decline the city government is now trying to hand over the whole area to a private developer in a dubious process.

Inspired by the protests of local activists against these plans we have written new lyrics to a melody which comes from the time when the current appearance of Griffintown took shape.

This song we have performed in different locations of the neighbourhood.

Video 5´30´´


Make no $mall plans

To Montreal we came on
The cultural council´s call
Next to a fairly ill-kept district
Raddled by rise and fall

Chris Gobeil and the others
Are fighting for old Griffintown
But big promoters´ power
Is just about to bring it down

Make no $mall plans
Ne pense pas petit

The governors have big ideas
They favoure a brand new start
Revolving doors just push them in and out to
Go for another mart

On the project´s webpage
Everything looks neat and well
But even we as stranges
Can recognize a fishy smell
(that does not come from the canal!)

Make no $mall plans
Ne pense pas petit

There was this march to the city hall
All the activist were there
They carried Griffintown´s coffin to its grave
To tell them “don´t you dare!”

They want diversity, sustainability
They want a decent grow
Don´t throw it all to Devimco® - at least let
Gentrification flow

Make no mall-plans
Ne pense pas petit

Lyrics: Winkler / Koeperl 2008