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     Jin Bi Lu     Kunming, P.R. China 1997

In the city of Kunming, Southchina, we observe hundreds of families moving out of their homes located in lively old town areas, which were afterwards destroyed.

"Gold-Jade-Avenue" (Jin Bi Lu) runs through the demolition area.

About its disappearance we write a new chinese text accompanied by the melody of "Xin Tai Ruan", the most popular song in these days.

Driven by a tricycle along "Jin Bi Lu" for the last time, we perform our new song, accompanied by the music from a tape recorder.

Video 6´20´´




Where are you Jin Bi Lu?
They´ve almost left nothing remaining of you

You disappeared without hate and complaint
I know you from a much better time

Where are you Jin Bi Lu?
Patiently beared all the traffic through

To destroy is so easy, to construct is quite hard
especially when everything is forced to be done at once

The night is deep and everything lays still
- cold, blue moonlight

Your former people are scattered like the clouds
after an obviously short trial

There shouldn´t be expected too much from the forthcoming
new world, because it will not bring full satisfaction

Your sacrifice won´t be documented in the history books
but everybody witnessed what has happened

O, remember well what an alley this was!
History rolls on and everyone is part of it

Useless to mourn, maybe I´m a dreamer
but radical solutions make me fear!

Text in Chinese and English:
Stephan Köperl