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     Countdown     Mureck, Styria 2010-2012    In collaboration with JUZ Mureck and <rotor> Graz
mureck bahnhof

Together with a number of teenagers, we built and installed a countdown-timer in the waiting room of the local train station.

The row of numbers indicates how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain until November 19th, 2012. On this day, exactly 2 years will have passed since the timer was started.

This installation focuses on questions around the time that passes between arrival and departure and the decision between biding one’s time and being proactive, between staying and leaving.
When the countdown reaches zero we plan to meet again at the clock and see what the future has brought us.


mureck bei nacht
mureck juz

Each of the digits is constructed from a large variety of components and materials.

They are driven by two Arduino micro-controllers by means of a radio time signal.

Elektronic engineering:
Stephan Weiß
Arduino programming:
Florian Krebs

View from the former ticket-salesroom Photos: Marcus Auer